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Walking as an Exercise Choice

Walking as an exercise is underrated. Most people think it is not intense enough to create results. This is where we will dive into why walking can be really useful for your health, especially when access to gyms is limited during lockdown.


Walking is low impact, so you will not experience the same level of muscle fatigue and soreness like you would with running and weights. The other part is you are in control of the pace, distance and environment. Plus you do not need any equipment. 


With the very few risks associated with walking, it is often the first type of exercise that should be attempted when trying to lose weight or get fit. 


5 Health Benefits:


Improve your cardiovascular system

  • Walking goes a long way to preventing several conditions, mainly heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. It will generally improve the function of the heart and lungs.


Strengthen leg muscles

  • As you increase your distance and pace you will start to feel the burn in your quads, hamstring, glutes and calves.


Burn Calories

  • The average person burns around 40 calories per 1000 steps, which means getting to the 10,000 steps target can help you burn 400 calories. This can really help with body composition.


Stress less

  • Apart from all the physical effects, one of the most critical health benefits is towards your mental health. Walking can help boost your mood as well as help with anxiety and depression. 



To achieve long-term and sustained results through walking, it is important to slowly increase a few factors in the walks


  • Increase your speed and distance
  • Walking up hills
  • Carrying weights or a backpack
  • Increase your goal to more than 10,000

Can also be a way for social interaction by teaming up with a friend. This can make the walk more enjoyable. 

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