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Knees Clicking?


Sounds such as creaks, cracks and pops you may hear from knees are call crepitus and they are nothing to worry about. The sounds can be a sign of ageing or normal wear. It is only if you get pain or discomfort with the sound then it is time to get some assistance.


Thankfully evidence now shows movement is the best course for action. Motion is lotion everyone.


Here is some general advice that can help.

  • Increasing general movement – walking, cycling and swimming are ways to increase movement.
  • Strengthening legs – Focusing on strengthening the leg muscles can provide more support for the knee. Few examples include Glute bridges and wall sits
  • Foam rolling – Rolling out potential tight muscles such as the quads and hip flexors could be involved
  • Osteopathic treatment may help with looking at other joints such as the ankle and hips to get you moving as efficiently as possible. Stiff ankles and immobile hips can be deficits that can lead to knee to pain and should be addressed accordingly.



Here at The Osteopathic Clinic we can go through examination, treatment and create an individualised rehabilitation program to bullet proof those knees.



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