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Mobility Big 3

Dr Alex Eade (Osteopath)

Every joint in the body requires a certain level of mobility and some stability. Without this we cannot produce efficient movement patterns. If the joints that are supposed to be mobile are not mobile, then the joints that are normally stable will have to compensate for this lack of movement. This will create a change in movement and may be a risk factor for injury and pain. 


3 major areas that are the cornerstone



Thoracic spine


Ankles: Dorsiflexion in particular is needed for normal movement such as walking, running and squats. Without this we require a lot more knee flexion during movement. 


Wall dorsiflexion

Hips: Ball and socket joint that can give a lot of mobility. Stiffness through this region is quite common from our sedentary lifestyle from always sitting. When this region becomes stiff it can be a precursor to lower back and knee pain.


Hip 90/90

Thoracic spine: Another area that can become stiff in many. Our current lifestyle of slouching to look at our phones and devices creates a constant flexed state, leading to a loss of rotation and extension. Mobility loss through here can impact the lower back, shoulders and neck. 

Exercise Thoracic Heel sit rotation

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