Dr John Hilditch

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With over 30 years of “hands-on” manual therapy experience, John has a great understanding and appreciation of the body, and aims to optimise the health and well-being of all his patients.

He is very passionate about osteopathy after selling his thriving engineering business to take on a new career. John gains great satisfaction and enjoys treating patients of all ages.

John graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Masters of Health Science in 2010. John has treated many amateur and professional athletes in varied sports; he has previously worked, and is currently involved with teams and individuals from local to international levels.

With his experience working with track athletics and other sports people John understands the demands placed on young athletes, elite athletes and all in between. John aims to pass on advice and knowledge to help all his patients understand the demands placed on their bodies and the best management for optimising their peak performance and activities of daily life.

John’s keen interest in all things running and moving in general has lead him to a partnership with Next Level Running which is the largest running school in Europe. He has secured the licence to be the first agent outside of Europe. This means that The Osteopathic Clinic Altona is the first clinic in Australia to offer the Next Level Running assessment and retraining program.

John enjoys the hands off approach of Next Level Running it allows him to work with people of all ages and use his many years of experience with running to make big changes to their walking and running efficiency and subsequently reducing their risk of injury.



Post Graduate Courses Completed

  • Neuromuscular dry needling
  • Level 2 sprint coach
  • optimising biomechanics in running course.
  • Function 3X The functional Shoulder, gait
  • Fascial release for structural balance (arches and Legs)
  • Pilates certificate
  • Strength training for The Allied Health -Professional
  • Certificate III and IV fitness
  • lymphatic drainage
  • Thoracic and rib treatments
  • Complete sports care: Lower Limb Tendinopathy
  • Next Level Running (Germany)
  • Certificate 3 in fitness
  • Certified Bike set up
  • Running rehab course by Complete Sports Care (Sydney)

More About John

John is still very active in track and field athletics competing in both professional and Masters Athletics throughout Australia and overseas. John won a gold medal at the 2016 Australian Masters games in Perth as a member of the 4x100m over 55 category. He also coaches a group of 16 track athletes both directly and through correspondence. When He isn’t treating patients he is most likely running, bike riding, or having coffee on Pier Street Altona with the boss Rose!

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