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Running Drills

Running Drills

These are a few of my fav exercises or drills I like to do before I do a running session. They are deigned to get the body moving and activating and also for me personally to get the old brain functioning and connecting to my feet. I’m not a coordinated individual that’s why I don’t play any sport that requires it , I find running in a straight line is complicated enough some days!


Few hot tips for the exercises below

  1. Always do opposite arm and leg when doing drills, I highly suggest this when running also 😉
  2. Do them for 10-20 m in length
  3. Do a few of each of them.
  4. Have fun


High knee walk 

  • Super simple one to start
  • Chest up
  • Head up
  • make sure you are bringing your heel straight up to your bum
  • don’t let the heel come too far in front this can translate to the foot landing in front of you when you are running
  • arms are rigid and the go in the same rhythm as the legs
  • keep your toes pointed up (In a dorsi flexed position) *no twinkle toes


Ankle runs 

  • make little fast circles with your feet around the opposite ankle joint
  • keep your toes up
  • don’t forget to use your arms
  • if you are doing this one properly you won’t move to far forward


Calf runs 

  • same as above however you make circles around your calf
  • still making sure your heel is aiming towards your bum not out in front
  • toes up
  • chest up, head up and use your arms


High knee run

  • same as above however you are now circling around your knee
  • keep your toes up
  • try not to lean backwards
  • pump those arms
  • this is a harder one



Lunge with rotation 

  • this one aims to get your hip flexors stretched and open
  • Make sure when you lunge forward to contract and squeeze your glutes (bum muscle) on the leg that is at the back this should give you a deeper hip flexor stretch.
  • If this hurts your front knee make sure the knee isn’t gliding too far forward over the toe.
  • Make sure the rotation of your upper body is controlled and not too fast.
  • For a deeper opening of the thoracic spine (middle back) when you have rotated take a big breathe in and out then return upright before going to the next side.


Hamstring scoops

  • As the name suggests this is one for the hamstrings (muscles are the back of your thigh below your bum)
  • Make sure to point your toe up to the sky, this will deepen the stretch of those posterior leg muscles.
  • Also keep this one controlled too it may hurt your lower back if you do it too fast or too bouncy.
  • Try and poke your bottom out and minimize touching off the lower back for more of a hamstring stretch and less of a back stretch.

Now you have my fav drills, get out there and give them a go.

Good luck

Move well, move often




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